Octopus Doll

I love this Yarn Baby… lol… and it is soooo easy to make… Even the Octopus legs are a breeze…

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now, I have at least a dozen looms for my knitting… but I couldn’t get to mine at the moment because they are in my currently destroyed basement apartment… lol… but pinterest to the rescue…


for the yarn babies, I used my round loom… the one sized for socks… but remember when you are picking your loom that the yarn will pull together once you are done… on the loom your project might look as big around as a softball, but once off the loom it will be more like a baseball… this is very important when you are making socks or hats…. yarn babies not so much, but still… remember to guesstimate the size of doll you want when finished…


once you have the yarn woven about six or ten inches, depending on the size of octopus head you want, cinch the top by running the remaining yarn through the top loops of yarn on the loom and then pull it like you are cinching a bag purse… see easy… and then do the legs… in varying sizes… use about three or four of the spokes that you loop the yarn around (no circles here) and loop the yarn back and forth until you have your leg as long as you want… when they come off the loom they will curl… and you use a yarn needle and some of your yarn to attach… and you have a yarn baby… wooo who…

and for anyone that doesn’t know how to use a loom, you loop the yarn around the pegs/spokes twice… wrap around all the pegs you are using and then do it a second time… then pull the bottom wrapped yarn up and over… push the remaining wrapped loop of yarn down and once you have done that to all your pegs, wrap them all again and pull the new bottom loop up and over, and so on and so forth until you have the length you desire…

later guys, and happy wordage, tracey…


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