Hey guys… Tracey Clark here…


and I am the author of the Finder’s Keepers series…

51n5v9kHhEL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ (200x300)

My arts and crafts do more than just relieve my downtime… I like to create my own swag… instead of ordering bookmarks and such, I like to try to make them… I’m sure there will be somethings that will be beyond me (like those huge banners… lol… I wouldn’t even know where to start…)… but bracelets and pendants, booklets and bookmarks… those I can do…

Drop in from time to time, to see what I come up with…. not all of my art is for swag bags and selling at the author table… some will be just for me… and frankly hard to transport!!!


I got bored and decided that I needed a tree on my wall… I swear I will finish it someday soon… 😛 Tracey Clark

You can find my author site HERE

and my Book site HERE

and my multiple sclerosis site HERE


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