Yarning away… :P


I have to admit… I’m not that good at yarn games… lol… this little outfit looks cute, but it ended up looking more like a premy garment, or maybe doll clothes… My friend Debbie and her wife ended up with a very healthy, very non-premy baby… lol… I still gave them the outfit… maybe their little Junebug will want to put it on a doll baby, if it doesn’t get lost… years are a bit long to ask the small outfit to stick around… I can’t even keep track of all my socks throughout the year… how the heck can one little outfit last even longer…

Still… it was a fun experiment… I saw the little booties and sandals online (YouTube) and just loved them… I had to try to make them… but sadly, I suck at the rules of knitting without cheating… I have about a dozen looms, in different sizes… I have made scarfs, hats, afghans, and hand warmers… I even managed a few dolls… they looked like teddy bears, and one octopus… I love that octopus… I will make sure to show everyone how I made him… 😛 there is so much that can be created when you put your mind to it…

just go HERE if you want to watch the YouTube video that showed me how to make the little flip flops… I would love to see what everyone ends up with… 😛 see ya next week, and happy wordage

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