Enjoy the Haze

                     “Enjoy the Haze”
                       By T. Clark
 Sitting near……..                            ……..but far away
               I think of you, within the haze.
         I long to touch,     
                      your flaxen hair
            Run my hands,
                        along the locks
                  Drift in the sea 
                               within your eyes
                       Be one in time                            
                                      your soul & mine
                   To ride within 
                                your paths and waves
                 Feel each beat 
                              within your heart
                Hear the song 
                             and sing the tune
                   Sweep through your mind
                                   understand each part
                        Wash myself 
                                  within your soul
                Be with you
                         Til’ gray and old
 But sitting near……………..                    ……………………….still far away
                          The haze is gone, 
                        but the dream will stay.


 By T. Clark
 What’s the meaning of a friend
 Will I ever know
 By your side until the end 
 Or in the shadows dark and low
 For some, family’s the closet
 To a true-blue pal for them
 But it’s so damn sad to know
 There’s no one you call friend
 Or are there people in this world
 With honesty for all to see
 Are they real, not make believe
 Truthfully, it’s hard to know
 Maybe friends are those
 That are with you from the start
 But then again, you know they know
 What tears your heart apart
 Maybe they will use it 
 To rip you into shreds
 Maybe they will hold it
 Right above your head
 The false hearts and lies
 Can push you to the edge
 Don’t let them make you jump
 Push them off instead

Carpe Diem

 Carpe diem 
 By T. Clark
 Like a rose not yet in bloom,
 Careful not to come to soon.
 Will the frost show up late? 
 Or by the bugs will I be ate.
 In the sun I warm and grow,
 Hope I’m seen when people mow.
 Pretty and tall, that’s what I’ll be,
 Others will smile when they see me.
 Maybe one day I’ll be the pick, 
 To impress a date or cheer up the sick.
 All too soon, I’ll wilt and die, 
 Tears will fall from every eye.
 Memories of beauty, all that remain,
 In hearts and minds, all I can claim.
 The sad, harsh truth, I’m fading away.
 Why, oh why, didn’t I cease the day. 


 By T. Clark
 Backstabbing bitches, throughout all of time
 Working in secret, these cruel bitchy girls
 Their sweet and then harsh, this untested youth
 Pissed off, they turn, to flip off the world
 Friend now enemy, poor immoral gals
 They’ll hunt you and stalk you, they’ll make your life hell
 Women preying upon women, especially while young
 Tongue lash you to tears, and sleep with your man
 Not knowing no better, unworldly, they’ll learn 

Fun Swag Crafts…

soooo … I have been doing a Blog Block Party with RRBC (Rave Reviews Book Club)… great post by bloggers, authors, and all manner of peeps… and I wanted to offer something new as a prize this time… over course I have some of my bracelets and earrings to pick from, but I wanted to add some new fun swag…


I broke out my tools, added some keychain rings and some chain…. and wha-la…


so far I have five keychains with various charms… I just need to add sayings in the bottle cap charms…


so that has been my art project this month… if you guys want a chance to win a keychain or bracelet/earrings, I am scheduled as one of the stops on the RRBC block party on the 29th, over at my book blog Finder’s Keepers Series … I will have a character interview with Marin from my Finder’s Keepers Series… Makayla (also from the books) did an interview on the 5th over on my author site Finder’s Keepers – Author Tracey Clark …

Blog Party 1

but I’m not the only one will cool prizes and posts… check out the RRBC Block Party line up… there are stops every day this month… alright guys… that’s all for now…

MS Shirts… support

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My aunt talked me into participating in the Multiple Sclerosis Walk one year… and in my typical OCD fashion, I decided to make our team shirts instead of buying them… I got out my crayons and sketched a design… then I went to Walmart and bought some iron-on sheets… they are in the craft section…

they are easy to use… you can either go to the Avery website and pick a design or if you have a scanner/printer/copier you can make your own, like me… you can put the sheets in the copier and hit print… then you just iron them one… this could be a fun family idea for those with small kids… I even ironed the design for the front pocket of the shirts onto a hat…

making the shirts wasn’t necessary but it sure was a lot of fun… on the sad side, I wasn’t able to walk even half way around the park, but those of us in team clark decided to get together and go out to eat, wearing our team shirts… we went to an Irish pub and one of the guys that wore kilts agreed to take a picture with us… and the food was delicious… lol…




I know this isn’t the third week (Friday) of the month, but I thought I would start things off with one of my favorite paintings… get the ball rolling while we wait for the third Friday to roll around… I forgot to take a picture of the finished look… just imagine some darker book pages on top of the flower roots…

Because that is what this is… a flower growing out of the pages of a book… when I first started this painting I didn’t think I would like what I found after the last brush stroke… but I continued to come back, adding more strokes, more color, more definition… and each time the painting grew… when I finally came into my office to work on it that last day, I just knew that one more brush stroke would ruin it all…

that has happened to me a lot… when that happens, there is nothing to do but pull out the white paint and start from scratch… and man does that hurt… but if you keep trying to fix the flaws you see, you end up with a final result that you will never be happy with…

but this painting is my favorite for a lot of reasons… and not just because I love the final look… this painting is about hope to me… about learning to fly… when you see a baby bird falling from the sky, the feathers sooo brand new, it is hard to imagine that the little guy will move in just the right way, soring back into the air…

this painting is about my writing, my MS, about life… it isn’t this moment that defines us… it is the next and the next… all we need is that one final brush stroke and we will finally be where we were meant to be… we will learn to fly… (and if we fall on our face, we can white out the board and start over) Happy wordage everyone… Tracey Clark