grow a little green

alrighty… not the normal artistic post, but I am soooo proud of my little tree… lol


I planted this guy three years ago… and I admit, my thumb is anything but green… maybe even a little black… lol… so I assumed that twelve plums a year was all I would get out of the little guy…. buttttttt….


this year the tree is full of little green balls that will soon be delicious plums… ymmmmmmy …


it is hard to pick them out unless you know where to look, but trust me… there are plums growing all over the tree…. so many, I lost count when I tried to count them up… woo who… I cant wait to share what the tree looks like after the fruit turns color… later guys tracey

lightning tree


Okay… this isn’t mine, but there are just some things that demand to be shared… I found this on Pinterest and loved it… it is a time-lapsed photo, or that is what the blurb below the picture said… personally, I don’t see how it could be done, but how ever they did this (and I’m thinking magic… lol) it is beautiful…

if you want to read comments about the pic (some oooing, and some doubting) Go HERE  

for me, it doesn’t really matter if it is photo shop or nature, it is still beautiful… 😛 and as for the hole photo shop issue that one commenter had, I can’t say if they are right or not… the magic that can happen on a computer is amazing, and easy to trick those of us unable to hit the right keys… perhaps one day I will learn about time-lapse and long exposures… but for now I will just enjoy the picture… TRACEY CLARK