Enjoy the Haze

                     “Enjoy the Haze”
                       By T. Clark
 Sitting near……..                            ……..but far away
               I think of you, within the haze.
         I long to touch,     
                      your flaxen hair
            Run my hands,
                        along the locks
                  Drift in the sea 
                               within your eyes
                       Be one in time                            
                                      your soul & mine
                   To ride within 
                                your paths and waves
                 Feel each beat 
                              within your heart
                Hear the song 
                             and sing the tune
                   Sweep through your mind
                                   understand each part
                        Wash myself 
                                  within your soul
                Be with you
                         Til’ gray and old
 But sitting near……………..                    ……………………….still far away
                          The haze is gone, 
                        but the dream will stay.


 By T. Clark
 What’s the meaning of a friend
 Will I ever know
 By your side until the end 
 Or in the shadows dark and low
 For some, family’s the closet
 To a true-blue pal for them
 But it’s so damn sad to know
 There’s no one you call friend
 Or are there people in this world
 With honesty for all to see
 Are they real, not make believe
 Truthfully, it’s hard to know
 Maybe friends are those
 That are with you from the start
 But then again, you know they know
 What tears your heart apart
 Maybe they will use it 
 To rip you into shreds
 Maybe they will hold it
 Right above your head
 The false hearts and lies
 Can push you to the edge
 Don’t let them make you jump
 Push them off instead

Carpe Diem

 Carpe diem 
 By T. Clark
 Like a rose not yet in bloom,
 Careful not to come to soon.
 Will the frost show up late? 
 Or by the bugs will I be ate.
 In the sun I warm and grow,
 Hope I’m seen when people mow.
 Pretty and tall, that’s what I’ll be,
 Others will smile when they see me.
 Maybe one day I’ll be the pick, 
 To impress a date or cheer up the sick.
 All too soon, I’ll wilt and die, 
 Tears will fall from every eye.
 Memories of beauty, all that remain,
 In hearts and minds, all I can claim.
 The sad, harsh truth, I’m fading away.
 Why, oh why, didn’t I cease the day. 


 By T. Clark
 Backstabbing bitches, throughout all of time
 Working in secret, these cruel bitchy girls
 Their sweet and then harsh, this untested youth
 Pissed off, they turn, to flip off the world
 Friend now enemy, poor immoral gals
 They’ll hunt you and stalk you, they’ll make your life hell
 Women preying upon women, especially while young
 Tongue lash you to tears, and sleep with your man
 Not knowing no better, unworldly, they’ll learn 

Author Tracey Clark

Hey guys… Tracey Clark here…


I am the author of the Finder’s Keepers series… I have one book out and a second in the final edits stage… woowho… Southern Discoveries (Finder’s Keepers: book 2) has an awesome cover that I am waiting to reveal until next month… Finder’s Keepers is a paranormal/fantasy romance series… I also have a contemporary romance that will come out later this year, Skymann series… book one is tentatively titled Artistic Beauty …

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My arts and crafts do more than just relieve my downtime… I like to create my own swag… instead of ordering bookmarks and such, I like to try to make them… I’m sure there will be somethings that will be beyond me (like those huge banners… lol… I wouldn’t even know where to start…)… but bracelets and pendants, booklets and bookmarks… those I can do…

Drop in from time to time, to see what I come up with…. not all of my art is for swag bags and selling at the author table… some will be just for me… and frankly hard to transport!!!


I got bored and decided that I needed a tree on my wall… I swear I will finish it someday soon… I have a number of art projects to beef up my swag scheduled for next month… hopefully I will have the time to share some of the projects with you, starting with the various bracelets mom and I have been working on…

I also hope to make key chains, necklaces, and maybe a few bookmarks and booklets… what crafts do you guys have planned???

happy wordage 😛 Tracey Clark