Growing Stories in Oil Paint

book flower

This is another of the paintings I did for my publishers give-away boxes… a book flower… this isn’t the finished piece but I forgot to take a picture before I sent Mary the three paintings… this is close to the finished look… the only thing I added was a bookmark with Shocking Finds written on it, falling from the middle of the book flower… and few books shooting off with the leaves like flower buds, and showing the name of my fellow authors and their book titles, those of use at Gone Writing Publishing… cute but I still love the painting of the flower shooting up out of an open book better… 😛


I added some different shades to the flower book pages, and placed some lovely book buds… the finished outcome that I forgot to take a picture of had the writing on the bookmark and the book buds… for that I tried to used a paint pen… next time I will just use a paintbrush… a paint pen is great for tacking you name to your work, but I needed something with a finer tip in order to write on the books… and if there is a finer tipped paint pen out there, I haven’t found it yet… TRACEY CLARK