rocking the booklets

a booklet is like to wonderful artistic activities coming together and having a baby… lol… I love these little things


so far I have made 150 of the little things… they hold the first two chapters of my novel, Shocking Finds and a few excerpts… there is the cover picture, my author photo, and the blurb… and if that isn’t enough, they also house my book and author links… that is a lot of info to cram into nine small pieces of paper – no more than a quarter of a sheet… you can send off to have someone else do all the work for you, but I love tackling new art projects…

I need at least 250 swag gifts for the Rebels and Readers book signing in November… and that is just the swag I needed to donate to the free goodie bags… getting your swag ready for one of these events is a job all on its own… but I don’t want to just make booklets… I already have some bookmarks and bookmark ideas, and maybe some bracelets… and recently I have been thinking about making keychains or charms… and best of all, Clark jr bars, with a sticker on the back showing one of my novels… man, I have never loved my last name more… lol… 😛