make your own booklets



booklets are easy but time consuming… and a bugger to figure out the first time… so here is a cheat sheet for your first… 😛

you need a printer, some printer paper, staples, and a paper cutter…


you need to have your paper turned to the landscape view, and the first time around, set your desired margins and grid… (two rows and four columns) put the first chapter (maybe first two chapters) teasers, author bio, cover, buy & author links, etc… and print out your four pages (front and back printing)… this  is not your booklet… this cheat sheet shows you what info/wordage goes in each cell ….

next you put use this guide to put what goes in cell one, in one… in cell 20, in 20… etc… (on the computer you have four pages in landscape mode, but use two-sided printing so you end up with two pages)

28 : 5  / 26 : 7

32 : 1  / 30 : 3

back of page (pg 2 in computer)

8  : 25 / 6  : 27

4  : 29 / 2  : 31

this is the front and back view of the first page… once you use your paper cutter you have four pages of your booklet… you can either but the cover in cell one *(1) or just start out with your chapter … and print out covers later… if you choose to do the covers later, then you have …

back pg / cover / back pg / cover

back pg / cover / back pg / cover

instead of numbers, you follow the back pg/cover method… otherwise your cover is in cell one and the back pg is in the last cell…

and this is the front and back of the second page… or page three and four on the computer before printing…

16 : 17 / 14 : 19

12 : 21 / 10 : 23

on back (*pg 4 on computer)

20 : 13 / 18 : 15

24 : 9  / 22 : 11

make sure to print out and save your cheat sheet… the one with the cells numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, etc… so that you can easily check to see if you have the correct info in your cell… otherwise, just cut and paste from your saved cheat sheet to your booklet… good luck and happy wordage, tracey

rocking the booklets

a booklet is like to wonderful artistic activities coming together and having a baby… lol… I love these little things


so far I have made 150 of the little things… they hold the first two chapters of my novel, Shocking Finds and a few excerpts… there is the cover picture, my author photo, and the blurb… and if that isn’t enough, they also house my book and author links… that is a lot of info to cram into nine small pieces of paper – no more than a quarter of a sheet… you can send off to have someone else do all the work for you, but I love tackling new art projects…

I need at least 250 swag gifts for the Rebels and Readers book signing in November… and that is just the swag I needed to donate to the free goodie bags… getting your swag ready for one of these events is a job all on its own… but I don’t want to just make booklets… I already have some bookmarks and bookmark ideas, and maybe some bracelets… and recently I have been thinking about making keychains or charms… and best of all, Clark jr bars, with a sticker on the back showing one of my novels… man, I have never loved my last name more… lol… 😛