more ear bling :P

I am loving these dangly earrings with charms… they are adorable… now the piece I was working on that was more complex…. welllll… I have dismantled it… lol… I was too heavy, and that was when I was halfway through…

I thought that if they felt too heavy, in my hand, they would kill a person’s ears… I think I will either turn the charm (a splitter like thing so you can have three things/charms/beads hanging from the charm) into a cute pendant for a necklace, or a different type of design… I thought of a different way to use it in an earring design that might not be so heavy…

I really hope my new earring design isn’t too heavy… in my head, it looks really cute… lol… we’ll see when I finally get it put together… fingers crossed…

okay… later guys… tracey

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