Waterfalls on the lake…

while cruising around Lake Cumberland, mom and I checked out a bunch of waterfalls… and once we stopped to feed the ducks… sorry no pics of momma duck and her nine little ducklings… those little guys moved so fast the pics all came out blurry… and of course there is the fact that I admit to being a poor photographer … anywho… here are some waterfalls… 😛

I want to go back when it is a little warmer so that I can swim beneath them… the area needs a few good restaurants, but I loved being on the water… maybe throw in another Walmart… over 100 miles of lake and I drove all the way around… and only spotted one Walmart… lol… it was unnatural…


my first mate and I were disappointed until we had our day on the lake… it really is the main source of entertainment in the area…. they need to add a few attractions… once visitors are there, they will gravitate to the lake… and the area will get more income from vacationers… just my two cents…


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