Adult vs Kiddie

sad but true… most adults prefer a more plain look to their clothes and jewelry … lol… kids are still experimenting… deciding what they love to look at and wear… by the time we reach adulthood, most of us have our favorites… mine is purple, but I also love mixtures of color…

that’s part of the reason I love crackle glass beads… or the ones that have a marble top look… I call this my MS bracelet… 😛 orange is the Multiple Sclerosis color for ribbons… it isn’t my normal go to color, but this is one of my favorite bracelets…


Kids bracelets are always fun to make… sometimes more so than the adult versions… with the kid bracelets you can be as crazy as you want, like working on an abstract painting… lol… those are great…

always mix and match your beads until you have a look that works for you… later guys, tracey

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