beware the dragon… muhahaha

some time ago I went to DragonCon… one of the venders had a necklace with a pendant that I just had to have…


it is a little hard to see in this photo, but it is a dragon in a circle… I would love to learn how to make something similar…

lol… I told you all my horrible first attempts at working with polymer clay… who knew that overcooked clay will blacken and grow, looking like large lumps of clay-coal… very frightening… and the smoke/fumes… omg… I am just happy that I thought ahead and started my project in the garage…

so here is my first successful attempt at making my own little dragon…


lol… I love him… but I would have used different colors if I knew that it would work this time… or maybe tried to have him in a different position… frankly, I thought I would end up with another clay-coal-rock… but now I just need to coat him in a clear resin to make him sturdier… but I think I will keep him for myself, not making him into a pendant … 😛 kinda like pinning my first dollar on the wall… woo who… later guys, tracey

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