Purples are always best

okay I’m biased, but I do love purple… I have to stop myself from making everything in my favorite shade…

I also love using a connector … but not all of my bracelets have been all purple… it is hard to steer away from my favorite color, but no matter the color I always make something that I would like to wear myself… okay… maybe a few of the childish bracelets I might pass on… lol


nope… I would probably wear those too… 😛

I really like the necklaces… and pairing them with some of the bracelets… I will have to make some more of those… necklaces are a lot of fun… plus… I just elastic sting, so even the shorter necklaces can be pulled over your head… (which basically means I haven’t mastered the clasp yet… lol)

later guys… tracey

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