Friendship bracelets

as you can see with some of my pictures, I am not a photographer… shaky hands… grrr… but I wanted to share a new type of bracelet… fun and easy…


beads, and either hemp or regular string… easy peezee…. so far I have learned how to make flat bracelets and ones that twist…

the hemp makes a thicker bracelet… the embroidery thread comes out thinner… the second bracelet in the first picture (the pink one) was made of embroidery thread… cute but barely there….

as for the instructions ??? make sure your starter thread comes with a friendship bracelet guide… personally, I got more out of the pictures than the words… for a flat bracelet, you are lacing up your shoes, but switching off which side (string) is on top when you lace and pull tight… I will try to remember to take some pics of the instructions, but really… lol… my photography is so back you would be better off grapping some string with your own instructions…


adding beads is simple, and the string pulls so tight that it looks like they were made as a part of the string, no bumping around… friendship bracelets are tied onto the wrist… and when they finally fall off, you make a wish… and go out and get another one… lol… later guys, tracey

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