bling baby

these are some of my favorites… I designed these for mom for Christmas…

she was going through a gray and silver phase in her outfits… me?? I wear a lot of purple… but mom has color modes… I wanted her to feel fancy with her winter wear… an allergy that both mom and I share is to most metals… that means that most of the cute/inexpensive jewelry out there is a no go for us…

I started making necklaces and bracelets with little to no metal so that mom and I could decorate our outfits when and how we wanted… if metal is needed, we have found that if you coat the back (the part touching your skin) with clear nail polish, you can enjoy your trinkets… sometimes we even have to coat parts of our glasses… especially when the thin protective coating on our eyewear starts to flake off… you cant see if your glasses are breaking out your face… ewww….

with some nail polish, we can see without red whelps and we can wear just about anything… mom even coats the back of her watch so that she can tell the time without pain… 😛 later guys…

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