momma’s got game… :P

turns out that may is gonna be extremely busy, but I want to add a few art projects for everyone this month… may need to schedule them but they will get added… muhahahaha…

to start off, I want to share some of the bracelets mom made… she is hilarious… she decided she wanted to help me build the number of bracelets I had to sell at book signings but she loves colors as much as I do… we have been wearing our favorite outfits as we head out to Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, and Michael’s to check out their glass beads… that way we can match bead choice to outfit… the end result??? momma’s got bling…

I like to mix things up, while mom loves similar beads but simplicity and beauty… but the dang things can get expensive… always look for sales when you go bead hunting… even with a good sale, there are so many beads out there that if your not careful it is easy to spend more than you had planned… if you are like me, and always have that evil piece of plastic in your purse/wallet, you can get in real trouble… lol… if you can make yourself head out with just a twenty in your pocket (in theory) that would be less expensive… lol


this is one of my favorite pieces that mom put together, but if you look close, there is a bead that appears to be wrapped in thin sting… it is a beautiful effect buttttttt…. the string on one of the beads has already started to unwrap…. not sure how to make sure this doesn’t happen…. but be careful, peeps… I hope to be able to use a clear sealant to fix the bead… fingers crossed…


finally… this is a piece I made for mom for Christmas so that she could feel decked out while wearing her cream colored outfit… if you hit the sales and play around with bead choice, anyone can put together something beautiful for their loved ones… this is a hobby that can be overwhelmingly expensive, but it doesn’t have to be… a handmade gift can be affordable, and the thought behind the creation will have ten times the meaning of something bought off the rack… have fun with it peeps… tracey


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