Teddy Bear Time

yarn baby – teddy

how great is this little guy… I think I might love my octopus more, but still, this little guys is just soooo dang cute… and so easy to make… just like with the octopus, you use a loom…


since I wanted the teddy bear to be small, I used my next to smallest loom… one that most people would use for socks … and then I tried it out with my smallest… one used for bows…

you wrap you yarn around the loom twice, pull the bottom loops over the top, push the remainder down, and wrap your yarn around again, and repeat… when you have a length that would equal your head and your body, then you cinch the yarn… you do this by taking your yarn needle and threading it though the loops (they will come off the pegs as you go) and on the last peg you pull it tight…

for a boy bear, I cinch the yarn tub inside out… so the bear is bald, but for a girl I go ahead and cinch it like it is as it comes off the loom.. and then add some knots and frayed strands for hair… and of course … use the needle to add some ears…

next you add some stuffing (less for the head, and more for the body) and then cinch the bottom and add a tail… now you just need to add some legs…

the legs are easy if you don’t mind them curling… you just use three of the pegs on your loom and loop left-to-right, not using the entire circle… once the leg is the desired length, use the needle to put a knot in the last loop so your work wont unravel, and then sow it onto your bear… and ta-da… you have your bear… I am thinking of adding some eyes and a mouth next time, but his little guy was destined for a house that would have a toddler and I didn’t what her eating the eyes…

good luck and happy wordage… tracey

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