By the Sea

I want to learn how to do this … I was at Hobby Lobby (of course) with mom and she spotted this painting…


this is just a close up of the children… I hope that if I study the brush strokes, I can figure something out… now most would take a class… HA… lets do it the hard way, I say… lol… it drives mom crazy, but I love to just grab a brush and go to work…

Mom loves going to the beach… it is her go-to vacations spot… if she has a chance to go out of town, her first thought always goes to the sea… I would prefer to go on walk-about… just jump in the car and drive… the most fun I ever had on a vacation, mom and I packed up our clothes and the dogs and slowly made our way from the East to our destination of San Francisco… all the little stops along the way, all the wonder full roadside rest areas were divine… I loved it and would do it again and again, if I could…

but first I would like to paint the sea for my mother… 😛

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