Wedding Tree

wedding tree

this was a fun… a bit messy, but fun… I have this tree painting that I did in college, and I love it so much that I painted it on my wall at home… and apparently, my cuz loved it as well… she was getting ready to get married and she came across this idea for a wedding tree… but instead of buying the premade version that everyone else had access to, she asked if I would create one… and really… how could I resist…

wedding tree/ before marriage

I didn’t want the background to be complete white, and that is the only thing I ignored her on when I started this piece… I hate white… I just couldn’t do it… I did erase the clouds in the sky that resembled faces… they were supposed to be vague representations of my cuz and her future husband… but she didn’t like them, and I had to agree… I just couldn’t get them right… finally I got my sky just right and she loved it…

but I still wanted to put something into the piece that represented two bodies coming together… I decided to use the bark of the tree, making the right side darker to show something more masculine, to join it with the lighter/female bark on the left side… 😛


to represent their love, I painted a few branches in the form of a heart, and wrote their names in the smaller branches… Erin and Neil… Her name came out a little clearer than his, but the names were more for them to now that they were there than for the world to be able to see…


And finally, I added some roots shooting out of the dirt, and used them to write the date… Sept 2015…. mom thought I would look better with a few more roots, because that was the part she loved the best on my original tree, but Erin said she liked it as it was… and I had to agree… I mean, I loved my roots, but I wanted the date to stand out as much as possible… you still have to look close, but it can be clearly seen… finally the tree was ready for the big day…

wedding tree/ guest fingerprints

all that was left was the fingerprint part… I told Erin that this was incase any of her guests committed a crime, I would have their prints on file… muhahaha… just kidding… the fingerprints represent their friends and family coming together to join their newly united family… the messy part came in because I prefer to paint with oil paints… that meant that we needed a lot of baby wipes for the guests to clean off their fingers when finished… but as careful as I tried to be, I managed to get some paint on my pretty dress… some soapy water and all was fine, but I loved that dress so was a bit frantic… lol…

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