Lighthouse by the Sea

sea/light house

okay… this is where the insanity of an artist comes in… I hated my reeds so much that I didn’t finish this piece… and in fact, I broke out the white paint and decided to learn a little more before attempting this scene … I love bob ross with his happy trees and sound effect painting, but I couldn’t let this piece live… lol…

my water, my sky, and even my light house (though a little crooked) … those I love… but not the dang sand and seaside grasses… so I bought bob ross’s video on the basics… hopefully, after I have played around with that a little I will create a seascape that I love… lol…

I think mom wanted to strangle me when she found out that I had decided to start from scratch… 😛 but it just had to be down… lol… one day, but until then I will play with my bob ross goodies… man, I hate that that man is dead… he had a way with paint that was magical…

okay… for now, I must be off to the world of book edits… but first, I think I will look for a few more of my previous paintings to post here… happy wordage everyone… TRACEY CLARK

3 thoughts on “Lighthouse by the Sea

  1. Don’t you hate that its usually one of the last things you need to put into the paining that you just hate? I get anxious after I’ve done a really perfect background, knowing that the foreground almost always cant live up to what I’ve already painted. The water in your painting is really beautiful though.


    1. thanks… and I agree… omg… it actually hurts once you finish and you want to scream because you feel like you have ruined the entire thing… lol… that’s why it got the white paint… lol

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