I know this isn’t the third week (Friday) of the month, but I thought I would start things off with one of my favorite paintings… get the ball rolling while we wait for the third Friday to roll around… I forgot to take a picture of the finished look… just imagine some darker book pages on top of the flower roots…

Because that is what this is… a flower growing out of the pages of a book… when I first started this painting I didn’t think I would like what I found after the last brush stroke… but I continued to come back, adding more strokes, more color, more definition… and each time the painting grew… when I finally came into my office to work on it that last day, I just knew that one more brush stroke would ruin it all…

that has happened to me a lot… when that happens, there is nothing to do but pull out the white paint and start from scratch… and man does that hurt… but if you keep trying to fix the flaws you see, you end up with a final result that you will never be happy with…

but this painting is my favorite for a lot of reasons… and not just because I love the final look… this painting is about hope to me… about learning to fly… when you see a baby bird falling from the sky, the feathers sooo brand new, it is hard to imagine that the little guy will move in just the right way, soring back into the air…

this painting is about my writing, my MS, about life… it isn’t this moment that defines us… it is the next and the next… all we need is that one final brush stroke and we will finally be where we were meant to be… we will learn to fly… (and if we fall on our face, we can white out the board and start over) Happy wordage everyone… Tracey Clark

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